Vision and Values

Right now, the cryptoverse has the potential to be the fairest place for the transference of value in human history, if we do it right. ‘Fair’ is different from ‘equitable’ or ‘equal.’ Equitable systems require an assessment of an individual’s advantage. Equal systems control the results. A fair system is process-centric, rather than input- or output-centric.
This is not to say that the cryptoverse does not have the potential to make meaningful, real-world changes that result in more equal and equitable societies — quite the contrary. A fair system of value-transference endows all individuals with power, something that has never before existed. We are in a unique position to build a fair system. By virtue of technological advancements and the (temporary) fact that institutions have not kept pace, we can actually implement and benefit from a fair value-transference system — a privilege no human in history has ever had before.
Building this requires hard work and a constant agreement on the integral value of non-discrimination, fairness, constant improvement, and the support of superior ideas.


An ideal value-transference system is one where no participant is treated differently based on anything other than their behavior, including their identity- only still possible because of the available (but critically endangered) right to anonymity on the Internet.
This is why the TOAD.Network team remains anonymous. We want the products and the systems to speak for themselves. Participants should invest for no reason besides the superiority of the code. It does not matter who we are. It does not matter who you are. TOAD.Network benefits every human and we remain committed to a non-discriminatory financial future.


An ideal value-transference system is one in which every single human being benefits from every idea. Though these benefits may manifest in specific ways based on participants’ real-world identities, the actual process through which they are derived must be blind to these identities and accessible to all. Because of the non-discriminatory/anonymous nature of the participants, decisions by creators and administrators inherently must be universally beneficial.
This is why TOAD.Network is constantly expanding access. A fair system means no one has an unearned advantage. We are cross chain. We are educational. We are transparent. We are community based.

Constant Improvement

An ideal value-transference system is one that is constantly improving itself according to its primary goal: fairness. This requires competition and self-criticism. Frequently the “wild west” nature of the cryptoverse and its associated risks coupled with existing legal codes’ inability to categorize it are regarded as weaknesses; however, these provide a unique frontier in which ideas can be rapidly created, implemented, and improved for the benefit of the cryptoverse as a whole and its participants individually.
This wild frontier is only a positive, if looked at properly, but it does require all participants to be educated, up-to-date, and empowered to implement change. Though this may seem like a barrier to entry, it is wholly in line with the cryptoverse ethos. Ignorance and misinformation hurts not only individual participants who fall victim, but weakens the cryptoverse in its entirety.
This is why TOAD.Network is pro-FUD. This is why TOAD.Network is community based. Great ideas come from everywhere.


An ideal value-transference system is one where the best ideas, not the most powerful people, prevail. In a completely fair and non-discriminatory system, the most universally beneficial ideas will prevail regardless of their origin. Without hegemonic power structures based in real-world identities dictating the system structure, participant-created structures can form and reform based on the needs of the participants themselves. This reinforces the need for information accessibility, competition, and criticism, but also reinforces the universal empowerment derived from a fair, participant-created system of value-transference.
This is the core value of TOAD.Network. Every decision we make and direction we move in is to improve.
The best ideas reign at TOAD.Network, regardless of where or who they come from.