Get going on a new chain by providing you with small amounts to pay Gas.
Faucet on PADSwap
When you get onto a new chain (e.g. via our Bridge), you most likely do not have any chain native token (e.g. GLMR on Moonbeam). You need chain native tokens to pay transactions fees. So without it, you can not swap on PADSwap or stake on our Yield Farming.
The faucet is a way that others can provide you a small amount of chain tokens to pay your first transaction fees.
Use the chain tokens you get from the faucet to buy some more chain tokens so that you can also pay for future transaction fees.
Others can provide you with a code which you can enter to redeem the linked tokens.
For now, this is a great service of PADSwap, gifting you chain tokens so that you can get started. You can join our Discord or Telegram group and ask for a faucet code there. Later, everyone can create codes. When this is live and if you got help via our faucet, make sure to help other community members by also providing faucet codes.