Token Presale

Use our presale systems to invest in your favorite project or to launch your token on PADSwap.
Invest in a projects' presale on PADSwap
Launch your own token on PADSwap via a presale.

Invest in a Project

The following guide walks you through the process of buying a token in presale on PADSwap:

Referral Program

If you refer someone to an on-going presale through your referral link, you will earn 1% of their presale investment.
Of every presale investment, a 4% platform fee is deduced. The 1% referral reward is cut from these platform fees. It is taken from PADSwaps share and not from the project or investor.

Launch your Project

If your token is already tradeable on PADSwap, you can use our Perpetual Auctions (soon) instead.
The following guide walks you through the process of launching a token presale on PADSwap:

Why you should launch on PADSwap's LaunchPAD?

Projects launched on PADSwaps LaunchPAD will be provided with tools and systems to take off:
  • You will get a DPLP farm with an LP pair of your token and the native chain token (e.g. BNB, MOVR, or GLMR) ensuring that your token has liquidity forever.
  • Our referral program allows users to earn fees by referring others to your token's presale. The referral rewards are taken from PADSwap's platform fees, so you don't lose anything by enabling referrals.
  • Unlike other platforms, launching a presale IDO on PADSwap is free - we don't take any upfront fee to launch your project.

Distribution of Raised Funds

The funds raised during your presale will be distributed as follows:
  • 80% of raised funds will be added to liquidity and donated to your projects' DPLP farm to incentivize users to stake even more liquidity for your token.
  • 16% of raised funds will go to you, the presale owner.
  • 4% (minus referral rewards) of raised funds will go to PADSwap's The Vault and Yield Farming.


You can deploy your own token contract or use our zero coding Token Factory.
Do not add any liquidity for your token on PADSwap until the presale is over. Adding liquidity before the presale is over may cause your presale to fail.
The following guide walks you through the process of launching your token via a presale on PADSwap:
You can cancel a running presale at any time. This might be necessary if you find any issues with your token.
If your presale does not reach the soft cap, the presale will be canceled.
In case of a canceled presale, users can visit the presale page and withdraw their contribution. The provided tokens for the presale are returned to the project owner.
If your presale failed or was cancelled, you can try again as many times as you want.
If you've already had a successful presale and want to distribute the rest of the supply, our Perpetual Auctions (soon) are made just for that.