Token Factory

Use our token factory to deploy your token with zero coding.
Deploy token contract via PADSwaps token factory.

Deploy your Token

We offer a token factory which allows you to deploy a token contract to BSC, Moonriver, or Moonbeam with zero coding.
To avoid scammers, we are charging a small fee of 1 TOAD for the token creation.
The following guide walks you through the process of creating a token on PADSwap:

Modular Tokenomics

The token factory has a modular set of tokenomics you can choose for your token. This will be continuously extended in the future. If there are any tokenomics you are missing, feel free to bring it up in our Community.

Basic Token

The Basic token has standard tokenomics, no transaction fees and a capped supply. If you are planning on getting your token listed on CEXs, this is the more compatible option.

Advanced Token

The Advanced token gives you more options with respect to tokenomics. The current set of tokenomics:
  • Reflections: Transaction fee that is distributed to all token holders.
  • Burn: Transaction fee that is burned.
  • Liquidity: Transaction fee that is split for a pair to buy LP tokens.
  • Dev share: Transaction fee that is send to the wallet of the token creator.