Perpetual Auctions (soon)

Coming soon! TM
The following information is preliminary and subject to change!
TOAD.Network Auctions will allow projects to raise liquidity for their protocols. Auctions can be integrated with the decentralized perpetual liquidity protocol (DPLP).
The Auction contract allows you to choose a LP pair that you want to raise liquidity for and users can deposit/donate that LP token to the auction contract. Every 48 hours the contract will finish the auction and split the tokens being auctioned by all participants based on their proportional share. A second contract will be implemented to allow users to convert GLMR|MOVR|BNB to the desired LP pair and donate the tokens on their name. Allowing users to participate with GLMR|MOVR|BNB which will lower the entry barrier for beginners in this system.
This system will receive freshly minted tokens from the minter contract, which is also a feature of our LaunchPAD.