TOAD Farms (old)

The TOAD farms are slowly phased out. Make sure to switch to our DPLP Farms. There is no migration, you will have to unstake, break the LP pair, get new LP tokens and restake.

Rewards and Distribution

In TOAD farms you can earn LP tokens. This section describes, where these LP tokens come from and how they are distributed.

Where do rewards come from?

Why should I care, you may ask. High APY is better, right? Not necessarily! See our notes on High vs. Stable APY.
The Original TOAD DPLP liquidity is hosted on PancakeSwap V1 liquidity contracts, while PAD’s has its own personalized and audited contract specifically setup to correct PancakeSwap V1 liquidity limits and is fully managed by the PADSwap ecosystem.
TOAD developers donated their initially reserved LP tokens to the reward pool. There is no way these tokens can be removed except by farming it when providing liquidity and joining to the TOAD farm.

How are rewards distributed?

Docs in progress
Rewards are not actively distributed and instead stay in the pool until they are claimed. The UI just calculates and shows your claimable rewards.


When you stake, reinvest or unstake your LP tokens in a TOAD farm, you pay a 10% fee. From that 10%, 9% of the LP tokens are returned to the reward pool and 1% of the LP tokens burned. Harvesting your LP tokens does not incur a fee (except transaction fees).
The 'unstake' fee functions as a form of soft locking. It incentivizes you to keep your LP tokens staked for longer periods of time and therefore locking liquidity. But you are always free to withdraw your funds. See also our notes on No Vesting, Less Risk.