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How to Swap Tokens?

This guide explains how you can swap tokens on PADSwap.
Head to the swap on PADSwap, connect your wallet, select tokens and an amount you want to swap. If you are happy with the swap, click on swap and confirm the transaction with your wallet.

Step 1: Navigate to the Swap on PADSwap

First you have to navigate to the PADSwap platform through the following link:
Swap tokens on PADSwap

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Step 2.1: Unlock your Wallet

If you have not yet connected your wallet to PADSwap, click on "Unlock wallet".
Unlock wallet

Step 2.2: Choose Connection Method

Choose your wallet from the options. In this how to guide we are using MetaMask Wallet but you can use any other wallet like Trust Wallet.
Select wallet

Step 3: Select Tokens

Performing a swap between two tokens requires an existing liquidity pool for this token pair on PADSwap and enough funds in the pool to perform your swap. If there is no or not enough liquidity, the UI will tell you and a swap it not possible. You can try to ask the community on telegram to provide the liquidity for your desired token pair.
In order to swap any tokens, choose them from the drop down menu and enter the amount you want to swap.
Enter amount of tokens for swap

Step 4: Approve Token

If it is the first time you are trading any of those tokens, you will have to approve them first.

Step 4.1: Click Approve

Click "Approve" on the swap UI.

Step 4.2: Confirm Approval

Your wallet will ask you to confirm the approval. This will cost you a small fee.
Approve tokens via wallet

Step 4.3: Wait for Approval

You'll notice that, after approving in your wallet, the DApp will wait for the approval to happen.
Approval in progress

Step 5: Perform Swap

Step 5.1: Click Swap

Initiate the swap by clicking "Swap".
Click on swap button

Step 5.2: Confirm Swap

Once you click on "Swap", you will get a summary of the tokens you are about to swap. Please confirm if everything is correct.
Confirm tokens swap

Step 5.3: Approve Swap

You will be prompted in your wallet to approve the requested swap. Confirm by accepting.
Approve swap via wallet

Step 6: Swap Initiated

You'll notice a small pop up rising on top of the swap screen, informing you that the transaction has been sent to the blockchain for registration.
approve swap on wallet

Step 7: Swap Confirmation

Once the transaction on BSC is successful, your will return to the "Swap" window, and you'll notice that the amount of each token on the display has been updated to reflect your balance.
Congrats! You have managed to perform your first swap on PADSwap. You can continue your journey by providing liquidity (How to Provide Liquidity?) and start farming (How to Farm?) on PADSwap. You can also read more about PADSwap.