How to Create a Telegram Group?

Build a community via Telegram.
In this guide we will guide we will create a new Telegram group for your project's community.

Step 1: Install Telegram

Go to the Telegram website and choose your preferred client:
Install it and explore the UI a bit. You can start by joining the Toad channel at and learn how to use Telegram by interacting with our community.

Step 2: Create a New Group

In the menu click "New Group" to create a new Telegram group.
Select option to create a new TG group.
Enter a group name and add a logo for your group.
Specify name and logo of your TG group.
Next, you will need to add at least one group member. Start with your project's team or if until now there is none, maybe invite some of your friends to kick off your community group.

Step 3: Make your Group Public

Allow people to join your group via a public URL by making the group public. To do this, select the "Manage group" option.
Manage your TG group.
Here you can see that your freshly created group is currently set to private. To allow everyone to join your community, you should set it to public. Click on "Private" to change that.
Change group type of your TG group.
From the group type options select "Public Group" and enter an available URL for your group. You can use this URL to share on socials like Reddit, other groups, your own website, ... for people to join your community. Make sure to choose a good URL which you do not need to change in the future - or else, existing links will break and people will struggle joining your project's TG group.
Set group type to public and choose group URL.
For this guide we created this group URL:
If you open your project's TG URL on PC, it should open a new tab in your browser which asks you if it can open the group via the TG desktop app.
Open TG link.
Congratulations! You successfully created a TG group for your project's community.
You should now start building your community to gain supporters.

Be Aware of Scammers

Telegram (or the Crypto space in general) is full of scammers. If someone DMs you, there is a high chance that it is a scammer. If someone offers you and your project support, at best they sell you a totally overpriced service and at worst they try to scam you without anything in return. Especially if your project is small, do not expect anyone to genuinely be interested in your project. A lot of other companies in this space use pyramid schemes to sell you stuff you don't need. You will get messages of people offering you listings on CEXs, partnerships, cooperation or marketing services where initial messages might sound enticing. They then lure you into group chats where you are handed over to other people where the tone of the discussion swiftly changes. By interacting with these you will only waste your time. Directly block and report these users to do yourself and the community a service.
If you feel an offer is genuine, you can of course chat with these people but always be cautious and
  • NEVER share your personal data like your name or email address,
  • NEVER share your seed phrase, passwords or any other keys,
  • AVOID clicking on links - they might try to gather your IP address, your location or bring you to approve a contract,
  • NEVER approve any contract,
  • NEVER send any money or tokens in advance.