How to Provide Liquidity?

This guide explains how you can provide liquidity via PADSwap.
Head to the liquidity area on PADSwap. You will have to supply the same value of both of your chosen tokens to receive your respective LP tokens.

Video Guide

You can view this video guide or read the following step-by-step guide.
Video explaining how to add, view and remove liquidity.

Step 1: Navigate to Liquidity Pools on PADSwap

First you have to navigate to the liquidity pools on the PADSwap platform through the following link ("liquidity" tab):
Link to PADSwap Liquidity Pools

Step 2: Prompt the Token Selection

Choose the "Add Liquidity" button to prompt the token selection view.
Add liquidity

Step 3: Select a Liquidity Pool

Select the liquidity pool you want to provide liquidity to by selecting the two tokens of the token pair. Enter the same value (measured in USD) of each token. In this example we chose the PAD-TOAD liquidity pool.
Introduce amount of tokens for liquidity

Step 4: Approve Tokens

If this is the first time you are trading any of these tokens, you will have to approve the tokens via your wallet before you continue.
Approve tokens via wallet

Step 5: Supply Token

Step 5.1: Click Supply

After approving the tokens, click on "Supply" to supply your tokens to the liquidity pool.
Click on supply button

Step 5.2: Confirm Supply

Once you click on "Supply", you will get a summary of the tokens you are about to supply. Please confirm if everything is correct.
Confirm liquidity supply

Step 5.3: Approve Supply

You will be prompted in your wallet to approve the requested supply. Confirm by accepting.
Approve supply on wallet

Step 6: Return to Liquidity View

After the confirmation and the transaction success on the BSC, you will return to the "Add liquidity" window. Click on the left arrow to see the liquidity you provided.
Return to liquidity window

Step 7: Import Liquidity Pool

Your provided liquidity may not immediately show on the "Liquidity" view. If this is the case, you will have to import the LP tokens.

Step 7.1: Click Import

To import a liquidity pool, click on the "import it" link below.
Import LP tokens

Step 7.2: Select Tokens

On the window that opens, choose the two tokens you created liquidity for.
Choose LP tokens

Step 7.3: Import Confirmation

Once you have selected both tokens, the screen will change, showing you the success of your liquidity pool import.
LP tokens found

Step 8: View Provided Liquidity

Step 8.1: Switch to Liquidity View

On the "Liquidity" view, you'll be able to see the liquidity pools your provided liquidity to.
View provided liquidity

Step 8.2: View Details

Click on the Drop Down arrow to check the details on your provided liquidity.
Expand liquidity details
Congrats! You are now a proud liquidity provider. Now it is time to stake your LP tokens in our farms (How to Farm?). You can also read more about Liquidity Pools.