How to Invest in Presale?

This guide explains how you can invest in a presale token on PADSwap.
Head to the LaunchPAD on PADSwap, connect your wallet, select your favorite project and participate in the presale.

Step 1: Navigate to the LaunchPAD on PADSwap

First you have to navigate to the LaunchPAD platform through the following link:
Buy your favorite projects' token during their presale.
You can also look at a list of all presales on PADSwap. But be aware that anyone can launch a presale for any contract. DYOR before investing!

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

Connect your wallet to the site. In this guide we are using MetaMask.
At the moment, Trust Wallet does not support the Moonriver and Moonbeam chains. If you plan on investing in a presale for a token on Moonriver or Moonbeam, then use MetaMask instead.

Step 3: Select Chain

PADSwap has a launchpad on multiple chains. At the top of the page you can select the chain where you want to look for presales to participate in.
In this guide we will choose Moonbeam since that is the chain we started a presale on for this guide.
Select the chain you want to see presales for.

Step 4: Look Through List of Presales

While PADSwap offers a token factory with provided modular token contracts, the LaunchPAD also supports presales of any self deployed or existing token contract. This means that there is no safety guarantee for tokens sold on our LaunchPAD. We recommend you to DYOR before investing in a project! We are working on a way for you to differentiate between tokens deployed via our token factory and custom tokens.
The lists show you all running and previous presales. For this guide we created one you can see below.
Presale entry in the list of presales.
If you open the presale you will see all the presale details.
View of the presale details.

Step 5: Assess Presale Details

You have to do your own research (DYOR) before investing! Nonetheless, we want to highlight some of the details present in the presale view.
Here an example.
Example presale details.

Step 5.1: Assess Supply Details

You can see the supply which is sold during the presale and the total amount supplied by the presale owner. This does not check if the token is inflationary! You need to check these details yourself. Anyway, if a presale does not sell around 100% of the supply, you have to be careful. All supply which is not sold during the presale could reside in the presale owners wallet and could be dumped on you (rugged) after a successful presale. On the other side there can be valid reasons for not having 100% supply sold in the presale e.g. the token could have already partially launched and the token owner does no longer posses 100% of the supply. You will have to get the details of the project team

Step 5.2: Assess Anti Whale Measures

The maximum contribution per user relative to the hard cap and the provided supply gives you all numbers to see how much supply a whale could buy. If the final holder share matters to you, this should be something to look out for. If this is properly limited, every participant should only be allowed to buy a certain percentage of the supply at max. If this is not limited well, then a whale could buy large junks of the token supply and then after a successful launch dump on all other buyers (rug).
It is also worth looking at how "cheap" the token is. If the hard cap is pretty low, this also means that it becomes easier for single individuals to buy large portions of the presale (given insufficient limits).

Step 5.3: Assess Presale Progress

The UI also shows you how much time is left until the presale concludes and a bar which shows how much is already sold.
Countdown for the remaining presale time.
In this example there was no presale participation yet.
Presale progress bar.
Take a look at the left time, the already achieved progress and how this looks compared to the soft and hard cap. You have to judge for yourself if you believe that the presale will reach the hard cap or even the soft cap and with what you feel comfortable.
If the soft cap is not reached, the presale will be canceled and all tokens you deposited (except for deduced Gas fees) will be refunded. You will need to claim the refund on the UI after a canceled presale.

Step 6: Participate in Presale

If you assessed all risks and are interested in participating in the presale, you can decide how much you want to spend.
Enter the amount in the respective field.
Presale progress bar.
To deposit the amount you entered, click the "Deposit" button. The info about your contribution is with respect to past contribution and not the one you are about to perform.
Button to perform deposit.
Confirm the deposit via your wallet. This will cost you a small amount of Gas fees.
Confirm deposit via wallet.
You can earn 1% of the investments others spend via your referral link! This is taken from PADSwaps platform fees and not the presale owner or the investors going through the referral link. Sharing your referral link is also an awesome way how you can support the project and it's presale to be a success.
If the presale owner enabled referral links, you should see something similar like this:
Presale referral link.

Step 8: Claim Tokens

When and if the presale is successful, you can claim your tokens. The "Your contribution" should show your investment in the presale. If not, make sure if your wallet is connected and the dapp and your wallet are set to the right chain.
Claim tokens from a successful presale.
You wallet should ask you to confirm your claim. This will cost you Gas fees.
The first to claim their tokens is also paying the Gas fees for the DPLP farm creation. So if you see high Gas fees as below, you can also decide to wait for someone else to claim before you so that you do not have to carry the Gas fees.
Confirm token claim via wallet.

Step 9: Import DPLP Farm

Below the claim you should see a link to import the DPLP farm into your UI. You can also just press the button.
DPLP farm import view.
This should load the farms and open an import dialog.
DPLP farm import dialog.
After you successfully imported the DPLP farm, you should now see it in the DPLP section of the farm list.
DPLP farm details.
Congratulation! You successfully participated in a presale and imported the new DPLP farm. You can now be one of the first to stake your LP tokens in the new farm. If you want to know how to do that, read How to Provide Liquidity? and How to Farm?.