TOAD Academy

Games and Gains
Toad Academy is a side project of TOAD Network, aimed at combining education and fun.
Our goal is to familiarize people with difficult crypto-related concepts in intuitive and interactive ways.
On the Toad Academy website, you'll see two categories - Apps and Games
Apps are more technical, and will allow you to better understand things like impermanent loss on LP tokens or compounding your stake for better returns.
Games are more lighthearted. Some of them have educational elements (our brick breaker game is a good example), and some are just a way to take a break and have some fun.
Like everything in the TOAD ecosystem, Toad Academy is evolving, with new content added regularly and existing content being updated.
Our end goal is to reach a point where anyone can understand the most difficult concepts effortlessly and in the most entertaining way.
TOAD Academy
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TOAD Academy
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